The level of persecution in Egypt is very high.

Egypt played a significant role since the early history of Christianity, going as far back as the Holy Family fleeing to Egypt. Coptic (derived from Greek word meaning “Egyptian”) Christians number roughly 12 million, about 10% of Egypt’s population and the largest group of Christians in the Middle East. Christian churches and monasteries are the targets of violence, and in recent years Christians girls have been targeted for abuse and kidnappings, often being sold later on. Church bombings are common during Christian holidays. Egypt has state-sanctioned discrimination against Christians, and the government has not taken steps to protect Christians.

Egypt’s Christians are predominately Coptic Orthodox with other Orthodox, Catholic, and Coptic Evangelical communities. Coptic Christians are recognizable by their cross tattoos on the inside of the wrists. Please support Christians in Egypt.

Erbil, Iraq

A woman poses for a photo inside the Christian refugee camp in Erbil, Iraq.